Upgrade of reduction tower 4 for BASF

New plant is loaded into the building at BASF

The project

As part of the Focat project at the BASF production site in De Meern, reduction tower 4 has been upgraded to meet regulatory and end-of-life requirements. Inside these towers, metal-bearing particles are treated in batches with hot gases to make them catalytically active.


Iv carried out the FEED and detailed engineering for the equipment upgrade and all utilities. 3D modelling was used to map the existing facility and design the adjustments. The design included mechanical, piping, and structural aspects, as well as civil engineering adjustments to the facility’s infrastructure.


Iv also compiled work packages for various market parties and provided technical support during procurement. Iv was actively involved in selecting contractors and evaluating the technical aspects of the proposals. The team provided construction management and technical support during the implementation phase.

The challenge

The project involved a brownfield site where new components had to be integrated into an existing building. Opening up an enclosed building required special attention to prevent collapse. An additional challenge was to seamlessly integrate the new elements into the existing situation, which included all the existing pipes and cable routes. Given the many constraints, creating a detailed assembly schedule proved critical to successfully completing the installation.

The impact

The upgrade was necessary due to outdated equipment and helped bring the facility up to current safety standards.

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