Replacement of cooler and freezer installation – MSD

The project

MSD is the largest pharmaceutical company in the Netherlands. A large cold storage warehouse for cooled and frozen products was built 15 years ago for vaccine production, and the cooling and freezing equipment is currently in need of replacement. In combination with the desire to increase storage capacity for frozen products and the environmental requirement to use other coolants, Iv was asked to initiate a replacement project. Iv prepared the concept and preliminary design for new cooling and freezing equipment, an additional storage unit for frozen products and all the necessary modifications to the building-related installations. Iv is currently providing project and construction management and technical support during the implementation phase.

The challenge

Both the replacement of the equipment and the construction of a new storage unit for frozen products will take place in a GMP environment, which must remain operational during the work. This requires extensive prior coordination with all parties involved and a phased plan, with many interim validation moments. In addition, a backup scenario should always be in place should a validation not yield the expected result.

The impact

When the project is completed, MSD will have a modern warehouse for cooled and frozen products that uses CO2 as a coolant. In addition, the storage capacity for frozen products will be increased by more than 50%, and the entire cold storage warehouse will fully comply with current safety requirements and GMP guidelines.

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