Detailed calculations and workshop drawings EYE Film Museum

Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam

The project

The EYE Film Museum is one of the most striking buildings in the centre of Amsterdam. The building on the IJpromenade opened its doors in 2012. Iv prepared the detailed calculations and workshop drawings for this extraordinary building.

The challenge

Due to the unique architecture of the EYE Film Museum, the large spans (trusses) needed to remain stable during construction. A large overhang on each side of the building had to be kept under as little tension as possible during construction. So, in addition to detailed calculations and workshop drawings, Iv determined the erection sequence during the construction phase to ensure that all the elements fit seamlessly and that the correct forces were applied.

The impact

Amsterdam has a new landmark, the EYE Film Museum. The building rests on just two points on the substructure. Still, the amount of steel used in the structure was significantly reduced.

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