Lidl’s new distribution centre

Lidl's new distribution centre

The project

Lidl is known for its sustainable approach to supermarket buildings and distribution centres. In fact, the new distribution centre in Overbetuwe is the most sustainable centre in the Netherlands. Iv advised on the installation and looked into the energy supply, consumption and storage.

The challenge

With the aim of creating a future-proof and sustainable distribution centre, Lidl wanted to create a self-sufficient and energy-neutral building that meets strict sustainability standards, such as the BREEAM-NL ‘Outstanding’ score. The building uses a variety of energy-saving and energy-generating technologies. These include using green electricity, LED lighting with motion sensors to save energy, and installing 7,000 solar panels on the roof. Unused solar energy is stored for later use. In addition, much of the building is made from sustainable prefabricated materials.

The impact

The BREEAM-NL ‘Outstanding’ score demonstrates that the building meets exceedingly high sustainability standards. The use of green electricity, LED lighting, solar energy and water-saving technologies all contribute to reducing the building’s ecological footprint. The reuse of rainwater for toilet flushing and the consideration given to extreme weather conditions contribute to protecting the environment and ensuring business continuity.

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