New pumping station with six new pumps for the Afsluitdijk

Pumping stations under construction at Afsluitdijk

The project

After almost ninety years, the Afsluitdijk is undergoing renovation. The dike between the IJsselmeer and the Waddenzee will be equipped with a new pumping station, one of the largest in Europe. Iv was involved in designing all the steel components.


The pumping station consists of two ultra-modern pump groups, each with three gigantic pumps. Each station is equipped with pump gates, backflow valves, domes, and debris racks. Backflow valves play a crucial role in controlling leaks during the opening and closing of the pump gates. These valves consist of a frame with three valves and a mounting frame. They are hollow inside to reduce the underwater weight and fitted with a rubber fender to absorb clattering movements.

The challenge

In addition to the age of the dike itself, climate change plays a key role. Rising sea levels and more frequent storm surges mean that the dikes and locks need to be strengthened and the water discharge capacity increased. The challenge is to design a system that is flexible enough to respond to these changing conditions.

The impact

The new pumping system on the Afsluitdijk will significantly impact water management in the region. The ‘draining if possible, pumping when necessary’ approach will increase the flexibility of water level management.

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