Iv-Groep is now: Iv

Iv, engineering that excites

A new brand name for the Papendrecht-based engineering company; from now on, the company will be known as Iv. As a result, communication will no longer occur under the various divisions’ names, such as Iv-Offshore & Energy, Iv-Infra, Iv-Water, etc. And with good reason.


Working together on the best solutions

Iv is uniquely diverse in its knowledge and expertise, enabling it to provide feasible solutions to the most complex issues. Issues may be limited to one specific market or extend across multiple markets. The increasing complexity of the challenges in our society, such as the energy transition, climate-related issues and clean drinking water, require fresh knowledge and insights. These are challenges that can only be solved by pooling expertise from the various markets, working closely together, and not allowing existing technology to impose limits upon us. And this is exactly how Iv operates. For this reason, it is a logical step to move towards showcasing the full range of our expertise across the entire spectrum for clients and society under a single Iv brand. Iv’s communications will be clear and recognisable. 


"With a single, unified brand, we can provide a strong overall representation of our services in all markets, eliminating confusion caused by multiple brands and divisions."
Maarten van de Waal | CEO
Market-oriented divisions to continue

The world is continuously changing. As an organisation, we must remain flexible and customer-focused to continue to provide the best solutions to the challenges our clients and society face, now and in the future. Therefore, Iv will retain its internal divisional structure, which is necessary to guarantee highly specialised and market-specific knowledge and further develop this in a targeted manner. There will be no changes to Iv’s internal corporate structure. Iv will continue to operate on a divisional basis, each highly specialised in its specific market and conversant with that market’s terminology. The difference is that communicating under a single Iv brand gives a clear and complete representation of the solutions Iv provides.


Phased implementation

Iv will implement the new brand strategy in phases. Replacing everything at once is impossible, but above all, Iv aims to tackle the implementation as sustainably as possible. The new Iv brand and associated new corporate identity will become more prominent during the year. It will be implemented earlier in some of our mediums than in others. But over the course of this year, all our communications will gradually align under a single brand: Iv.