Baumann Church Rotterdam

The project

The Baumann Church in Rotterdam, a monumental building and a landmark of the Overschie district, needed to be transformed into a modern residential complex while retaining its characteristic 1950s appearance and providing contemporary living comfort and sustainability.

The challenge

Preserving the traditional exterior fa├žade was an essential requirement, but numerous challenges related to the structure, repurposing, and technical detailing existed. Iv began in 2018 with a thorough feasibility study, which is essential for designing a technically feasible plan. A structural analysis of the church, including detailed documentation and geotechnical studies, provided insight into the possibilities and limitations of the conversion. A 3D model was used to design complex transfers and integrations, such as large balconies within the existing structure.

The impact

The project provides 33 new apartments and penthouses and preserves the value and aesthetics of a monumental building for the community. The sustainability measures, such as the ATES installation and LED lighting, contribute to energy efficiency and reduced running costs. The precise planning and structural solutions developed during the feasibility study led to a smooth execution and prevented any major unforeseen issues from arising during construction. The building offers unique and modern living units while retaining the original charm of the Baumann Church.

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