Bleizo station

Railway station Bleizo

The project

The need for efficient and integrated public transport has led to the development of the Bleizo transport interchange, where various modes of transport such as trains, RandstadRail, buses, cars and bicycles converge. The aim is to provide a smooth and seamless flow for approximately 10,000 travellers daily.

The challenge

Iv, on behalf of the contractor VOBI, was responsible for the integral design work required to deliver the Bleizo transport interchange. A notable feature of this project is the combi bridge, a civil engineering structure that spans the A12 motorway and the heavy rail line.

The impact

The Bleizo transport interchange aims to improve mobility and provide a seamless connection between various modes of transport. The project significantly impacts multiple aspects of transport and urban development. The civil engineering structure is designed to be flexible for future expansion, allowing the possibility for the RandstadRail to be extended southwards.

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