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The project

Cargill’s existing chocolate factory in Deventer has been extended with a modern new production unit.

Iv provided the process, piping, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineering. In addition, Iv was responsible for coordinating the integrated design with the building contractor, contracting parties and suppliers. Iv developed a fully integrated 3D design and used smart Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) to combine all essential design data in a single document. Iv also handled the technical aspects of procurement.

The challenge

The complexity lies in the seamless integration of all buildings and installations, with particular attention to safety, operability and maintenance. Food safety is an important consideration, and the design must ensure that all installations can be cleaned from all sides and that no food residues remain in the pipework. Much of the expansion took place within the existing tank farm and production areas. Solving this technical and operational challenge required excellent communication, diligence and a high level of detail in the design. We can reflect on a successful project thanks to a good balance between flexibility, structure and project control.

The impact

The expansion of Cargill’s chocolate factory will positively impact production capacity and the efficiency of existing and new lines and increase the ability to produce specialty products. The project will lead to a more streamlined production flow and increase opportunities for innovation in chocolate processing. In addition, the collaboration between different disciplines and parties serves as an example of how complex industrial issues can be solved.

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