Concept design for an electric submarine

The project

Could submarines be fully battery powered in the future? Nevesbu is investigating the feasibility of fully battery-powered submarines. With modern battery technology, this seems possible, but there are challenges.

The challenge

While local to mid-range missions are already feasible, the risks of battery fire and explosion associated with lithium-based batteries must be addressed. In addition, the impact of reducing penetrations in the pressure hull must also be considered. The research includes simulations based on a concept design to test the possibilities of battery propulsion. Implementing a fully battery-powered system would provide benefits such as independent propulsion and reduced detectability. However, the project also requires careful attention to the safety of lithium-based batteries and addressing potential fire and explosion risks. 

The impact

The successful development of fully battery-powered submarines would deliver significant benefits, such as improved secrecy and reduced operational complexity. This would be of particular benefit to naval fleets using their submarines for homeland defence. However, the transition would have both positive and negative consequences for safety and reliability. Reducing the number of penetrations in the pressure hull could also lower the risk of water ingress and leakage. 


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