De Kwekerij – Sustainable starter and student housing

De Kwekerij

The project

The demand for affordable student housing led to the purchase of the former KPN site in Utrecht by the Student Housing Foundation (SSH). The SSH aims to provide accessible, affordable housing near the associated educational facilities. In the coming years, De Kwekerij will be transformed into a lively and green area with many residences and other facilities.

The challenge

Iv’s structural design had to provide sufficient stability but also space to create an open layout on the ground floor for commercial functions. Essential to this project are the load bearing outer walls, together with the centre and perpendicular walls, which, together with the lift core, provide the stability of the building. On the ground floor, the walls are supported by concrete piers, creating an open space.

The impact

The six slender, colourful buildings contain 244 starter homes, helping to alleviate the starter and student housing shortage in Utrecht. In addition, there are eateries, offices, bicycle and car parking facilities. The urban structure, therefore, emphasises connectivity, both spatially and socially. The ‘green and healthy’ theme is central, and sustainability is a guiding principle. Several sustainable initiatives include local energy generation, solar panels, green roofs, spaces for electric shared cars and reusing the former nuclear bunker as a water storage facility.

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