Design and life extension of the roof and retractable roof structure of the Johan Cruijff ArenA

The project

The Amsterdam ArenA (now the Johan Cruijff ArenA) opened its doors in 1996 and became the largest football stadium in the Netherlands. The stadium is unique in that it has a retractable roof structure. Iv provided the design, including detailed calculations and working drawings, of the retractable roof structure and later also carried out a residual life analysis on the components of the structure’s drive mechanism.

The challenge

During the design of the roof structure, the ability to open and close quickly, for example, in bad weather, was taken into account, a profoundly complex challenge given its dimensions of 71 by 107 metres. Despite its size, the structure can be closed in 15 minutes. The design allowed for a limited number of closures. However, the roof has been opened and closed many more times, so Iv was recently asked to carry out a residual life analysis. Due to the need for the stadium to be available for events, Iv produced a recommendation within a short time outlining the various components, such as brakes, gearboxes and drive motors, which should be replaced.

The impact

With the residual life analysis, the roof of the Johan Cruijff ArenA will once again meet the set standards and requirements for a longer period, allowing the stadium to host other events in addition to football matches, such as concerts by world-famous artists.

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