Digital Twins

The project

Iv is committed to integrating Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the ‘digital twins’ principle, the creation of digital replicas of physical structures such as bridges, locks, and container cranes, to enable real-time monitoring and analysis. By linking BIM data with real-time operational data, Iv aims to manage and maintain the lifecycle of structures more effectively. This includes using smart sensors and advanced software to collect and visualise data, aiming to improve the sustainability and safety of infrastructure works.

The challenge

The integration of BIM with digital twins in engineering practice presents specific challenges, including the accuracy and consistency of the data required to create reliable digital twins. Advanced data capture technologies and tools must be able to model complex, dynamic environments accurately. Another challenge is ensuring optimal coordination between different systems and platforms to exchange and integrate data seamlessly. Finally, the scalability of digital twins in practice is an issue, given the complexity and diversity of infrastructure projects.

The impact

This approach provides a very high and detailed level of insight and control over the lifecycle of structures. Through real-time monitoring, potential problems can be identified and addressed early, significantly increasing the safety and reliability of infrastructure works. In addition, this approach offers opportunities for more sustainable construction by optimising the use of materials.

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