Dike reinforcement City of Tiel

Dyke reinforcement City of Tiel

The project

Iv, in collaboration with Rivierenland Water Board, Tauw and WAD43, conducted a study in preparation for the planning phase of the dike reinforcement around Tiel. This project focuses on strengthening the primary flood defence along the flood channel on the south side of Tiel, with particular attention paid to the historic inlet lock. This national monument forms part of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie. A vital aspect of this reinforcement is to preserve the visual link between the lock and the river Waal while improving the dike’s inner stability through a longitudinal structure.

The challenge

A key part of this project is to develop a solution that will provide the required reinforcement of the flood defence while preserving the existing form and position of the historic structures. The inner stability of the dike had to be improved without compromising the aesthetic and historical value of the inlet lock and its surroundings. Iv addressed this by creating a 3D model using Plaxis, which provides detailed insight into the stability of the flood defence and the effects of the longitudinal structure. This model helps identify optimisation opportunities that would not be visible with traditional 2D calculations and supports the integration of 3D effects that benefit the dike stability.

The impact

This project has a positive impact not only in terms of water safety but also in terms of cultural heritage preservation. Innovative engineering and careful planning will preserve the historic lock’s physical and visual integrity while improving flood safety in the area. The application of advanced 3D modelling provides new insights and optimisation opportunities for the dike reinforcement, resulting in a more sustainable and efficient solution.

Dyke reinforcement City of Tiel

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