New Dokbrug Vlissingen

New Dokbrug Vlissingen

The project

In the Scheldekwartier, the new residential area in the centre of Vlissingen, a vital connection and landmark has been realised: a new Dokbrug. Located slightly west of the old bridge, it plays a crucial role in the connectivity and aesthetics of the district. Iv was responsible for the technical development of the architectural design of the new Dokbrug, including preparing the final design (DO), the contract for the implementation, and tendering the work. We worked with Buro Ma.aN and the municipality of Vlissingen to create a functional movable bridge whereby a 3D computer model was used for the entire structure.

The challenge

Balancing the 100-tonne bridge with approximately 145 tonnes of ballast while maintaining the original architectural design was complex. Adjustments such as extending the counterweights and raising the counterweight towers were required to balance the bridge effectively. Space also had to be found to accommodate the drive and electrical systems. Due to the lack of space in the counterweight towers, an innovative bridge chamber was chosen, which resulted in an increase in the clearance height and an adjustment to the design to ensure both functionality and aesthetics.

The impact

The new Dokbrug in Vlissingen forms a vital connection but is also a technical and architectural masterpiece. The bridge, a drawbridge balanced by large masses, combines functionality with a unique design that fits the history and future appearance of the district. The project demonstrates how technical challenges such as complex balancing and space constraints can be successfully overcome to create a practical and visually appealing cityscape. It is an example of ingenious engineering and contributes to the revitalisation of the Scheldekwartier.

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