High-voltage pylons TenneT

High-voltage pylon

The project

The electricity grid is rather congested, so the network operator TenneT is working on a new high-voltage connection between Borssele and Tilburg. TenneT has commissioned Iv to prepare the implementation design for eighteen types of high-voltage pylons between Rilland and Tilburg.

The challenge

The project is extensive: a single lattice pylon consists of hundreds of components and thousands of bolts that must be assembled into a whole. The complexity increases even further with multiple types of pylon, some of which share common components across the various types. Due to strict electromagnetic field requirements, existing designs for lattice pylons could not be used, so an entirely new generation of pylons had to be designed. A change in course may be necessary as some of the pylons along the Rilland-to-Tilburg route are new and will be placed where no pylon has been before. This will require consultation with many stakeholders and may lead to design adjustments.

The impact

The new generation of pylons will be used for the planned 380 kV high-voltage line between Borssele and Rilland. These pylons will facilitate the transmission of generated green energy to homes and businesses, supporting the shift towards sustainable energy solutions.

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