Main gun integration – HNLMS Evertsen

Zr. Ms. Evertsen

The project

The outdated main gun on board the HNLMS Evertsen needed replacing with a new, improved version. Optimal system design and integration were required to replace the main gun.

The challenge

The limited physical space on board the vessel and the need to meet stringent safety requirements make this a very complex task. The transition to advanced Vulcano ammunition and crew health and safety requirements added further complexity. Nevesbu worked on this project in a unique collaboration with two project managers for systems design and integration. The aim was to ensure that all new systems and subsystems could be seamlessly integrated while complying with stringent military requirements. The collaboration included Leonardo, the supplier of the main gun, and the Ministry of Defence. Nevesbu contributed its maritime knowledge and expertise to fulfil the complex requirements. 

The impact

The updated main gun enables the Navy to use advanced Vulcano ammunition, thus contributing to national security and the ability to respond quickly and effectively to threats. In addition, the project highlights Dutch expertise in maritime technology and innovation, strengthening the country’s reputation and competitive position in the international defence industry. The impact, therefore, extends beyond the individual frigate, resulting in positive effects at both national and international levels. 

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