Making buildings more sustainable

Sustainable buildings

The project

Iv plays an important role in realising energy performance calculations for new or renovated homes and public buildings such as schools, swimming pools and sports halls. These calculations are essential for determining the energy value of a building and assigning an appropriate energy label in accordance with the Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (BENG) criteria.

The challenge

The BENG criteria are not all-encompassing and are not accurate for every building. The challenge Iv faces is to provide a more in-depth, customised insight into the energy performance of buildings. Standard calculation methods do not take sufficient account of variables such as peak power and specific building use, which can lead to sub-optimal sustainability and air-conditioning choices. Iv provides customised advice, taking into account the unique characteristics and requirements of each building and the different building functions.

The impact

By making clients aware of the benefits of customised, energy-efficient solutions, Iv can help achieve truly sustainable buildings. We advise on advanced air conditioning systems and the integration of renewable energy sources, which not only helps to meet climate goals but also offers long-term benefits in terms of running costs. With a critical eye, we always aim to achieve the most out of a building. Iv’s role as an advisor and expert is essential in guiding the sector towards a more sustainable future.

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