Monitoring deformation of the Afsluitdijk


The project

Work is underway on and around the Afsluitdijk to continue to protect the Netherlands from high water levels. The Stevinsluis in Den Oever has been renovated, and work is underway to strengthen the dike and increase the capacity for water discharge by creating new drainage and flood locks. On behalf of the construction consortium Levvel, Iv is responsible for monitoring during the renovation and construction, using smart sensors to continuously monitor whether deformations (subsidence or displacement) occur in adjacent structures.

The challenge

The construction of these massive structures can affect adjacent civil engineering works. The implementation activities may cause existing nearby structures to shift or subside, which is only acceptable within certain limits. Iv has strategically placed sensors to continuously monitor whether any shifting or subsidence occurs during construction. For this, Iv uses a combination of tachymetric tracking, tilt sensors, and vibration measurements.

The impact

The sensors used provide real-time insight into potential deformations. The sensor data is continuously sent to Iv’s online platform, giving the Iv and Levvel project team constant access to the measurement data. An alert is immediately issued should an object shift undesirably outside the permissible limits. Iv can immediately see in the central system which object triggered the alert and determine from the measurement data whether immediate action should be taken. Through smart monitoring and accurate interpretation of the data, Iv contributes to risk management and the prevention of damage caused by construction activities.

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