Monopile remover

The project

In the coming years, hundreds of oil and gas platforms and obsolete wind farms in the North Sea are to be decommissioned or reused. Iv has developed a patented technique for faster removal of monopiles (foundation tubes) from wind farms and offshore oil and gas platforms from the North Sea.

The challenge

Currently, piles are sawed off or cut, leaving a part in the soil. The pulling technique developed by Iv can remove the pile in its entirety. The Monopile Remover is a special attachment for attached to a crane, which is shaped to get optimum grip on any slippery pile. This allows the crane to pull the pole right out of the soil. The crux of this innovation lies in the crane’s special attachment. This pinches and applies two dents in the monopile by squeezing the steel pile at two heights. This produces a hump in the profile of the pile, where the crane obtains good grip on the otherwise smooth pile with the same attachment. As a result, vertical forces are transferred well and the crane can pull a pile out of the ground in no time.

The impact

The monopile gripping method allows for an efficient and quiet dismantling of offshore platforms in the North Sea, thereby freeing up space for further development of green energy. Its unique ability to completely remove monopiles from the sea and repurpose them reduces the use of new raw materials and remnants in the sea. This actively contributes to a better climate and offers a direct solution to key environmental issues. Additionally, this technique causes virtually no noise disturbance to marine life. The method is not only applicable in the North Sea but also worldwide, making it a universal technique that can be employed globally.

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