PHAReB: A time-saving tool for calculating failure behaviour

The project

Nevesbu is developing a ground-breaking tool called Pressure Hull Analysis on a Reliability Base (PHAReB) to improve the efficiency of calculating the collapse behaviour of submarines. This project focuses on providing commanders and designers with a faster and more reliable way to assess the risks when a submarine exceeds its maximum operating depth.

The challenge

Current methods for calculating the risks of collapse behaviour in submarines are based on numerical simulations, which are time-consuming and computationally intensive. The challenge for Nevesbu was to develop a formula that could provide the same accurate information in a much shorter time, using less computing power. This requires an innovative approach using advanced simulation techniques such as the Response Surface Method or Monte Carlo simulation.

The impact

With the introduction of PHAReB, Nevesbu is taking an important step in improving the efficiency of submarine safety calculations. This new tool will allow commanders and designers to make decisions about submarine operational limits faster and more confidently. The reduced computation time and limited computing power required make PHAReB a cost-effective and accessible solution, contributing to both the safety and operational capabilities of submarines.

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