Quayside foundation renovation

3D image of quay fund renovation

The project

Kade-Fundovatie (quayside foundation renovation), developed by Iv, is an innovative method of extending the life of old inner-city quay walls in Amsterdam. With 600 kilometres of quay in Amsterdam, much of which is old and under increasing stress from traffic and deeper canals, there is a growing need for sustainable solutions. The Kade-Fundovatie method is aimed primarily at the front rows of piles in the quay walls, which are often the most damaged.

The challenge

Within the Amsterdam Bridges and Quay Walls Programme (PBK), innovative methods are being sought to extend the life of quay walls. Iv’s Kade-Fundovatie method is one of the innovations selected for further development. The challenge is to develop an affordable, technically feasible and effective solution that addresses the loading and degradation of quay walls.

The impact

The Kade-Fundovatie method offers a cost-effective and sustainable solution for strengthening quay walls, resulting in a life extension of at least 30 years. The modular and adaptable nature of the system allows it to be tailored to different quay walls, increasing its versatility and applicability. In addition, the low-vibration installation method minimises disturbance to local residents and preserves the historic appearance of the city centre. The municipality of Amsterdam recognises the potential of the Kade-Fundovatie method and has decided to develop and test it further, which could lead to its widespread implementation and a significant improvement in the condition of the city’s quay walls.

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