Reconstruction of the Ollandseweg – Sint-Oedenrode

The project

The municipality of Meierijstad commissioned Iv to design the reconstruction of the Ollandseweg, an essential route between Olland and Sint-Oedenrode. The project involves a complete redesign of this section of road with a focus on improving road safety and infrastructure.

The challenge

The main challenge of this project was to address the poor condition of the cycle paths and the issue of the carriageway not meeting current road safety requirements. This required careful planning and design to create a safe and efficient road within and outside built-up areas. Special attention was paid to constructing new cycle paths, improving drainage, and applying speed reduction measures.

The impact

Once completed, the reconstructed Ollandseweg will have a significant impact on road safety and accessibility in the region. The improved cycle paths and lanes will increase safety for all road users and contribute to a more pleasant and functional living environment. The design adjustments, such as noise-reducing road paving and improved drainage, will enhance the quality of life for residents in the surrounding areas.

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