Renewal of LBC tank terminal – Rainbow programme

3D model tankterminal

The project

LBC Rotterdam B.V. (LBC) is responsible for the storage and handling of chemicals at its tank terminal in Rotterdam and will undergo a complete renovation of the tank terminal as part of the Rainbow programme. Old tank pits, storage tanks, rail and HGV loading facilities will be demolished and replaced with new facilities. The renewal programme is divided into five phases. Iv is responsible for the basic and detailed engineering of phases 2 and 3 for the process design, piping systems, equipment, steel and concrete structures, rail, roads and sewerage systems. The design for phase 2 was completed in 2020, and the design for phase 3 will be delivered in mid-2024. In addition, Iv has designed two renovations for the rail and vessel loading facilities for special substances. LBC has two chemical terminals in Antwerp, for which Iv was also involved in the modernisation and expansion plans.

The challenge

Designing phase 3 posed challenges in terms of safety and integration into an operational facility. The chemicals are often flammable and/or toxic, requiring special facilities to protect people and the environment. LBC’s motto is ‘Safety: always our priority’, which aligns with Iv’s first golden rule of safety: ‘Is your design safe to work with?’ Iv’s design must comply with applicable standards and guidelines. However, LBC employees and contractors must also be able to rely on well-designed escape routes, good accessibility to operable components, and the correct safeguarding of systems. The three new tank pits and the rail and HGV loading facilities must be constructed while the entire site is in operation. Without posing a danger, existing rail and HGV loading facilities must remain accessible, and pipeline systems may not be taken out of service during the work.

The impact

With the implementation of the Rainbow programme, LBC now has a modern terminal for storing and handling chemicals in Europe’s largest port. High-quality materials, equipment and finishes limit maintenance, and safe, enclosed systems prevent the release of emissions to land, water and air.

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