Specialised lock measurements

An Iv employee takes specialist measurements at a lock

The project

Locks play a crucial role in water management and marine navigation. The reliability and availability of locks is, therefore, essential for shipping and the economy. When maintenance work is carried out on lock gates, any disruption to navigation must be kept to a minimum. To ensure this, Iv measures all the crucial components in advance using specialised underwater measurements, which should lead to perfectly fitting new or renovated lock gates in a single pass.


Iv has developed a millimetre-accurate 3D measurement method for all lock components below the surface. In addition, Iv also developed a control system that ensures renovated lock gates and all associated components continue to function correctly for years after renovation. Using its self-developed DREAMĀ® method, Iv analyses all possible failure mechanisms, monitors the condition of lock gates and optimises inspection and maintenance processes.

The challenge

The detailed measurement of locks and lock components requires a high level of expertise. In addition, these measurements are conducted underwater, which brings challenges different from land-based measurements. Dimensions are crucial: everything must be correct and fit to the millimetre so that the design can be adjusted accordingly. The aim is to avoid (unnecessary) maintenance or the need to make adjustments under water.

The impact

Regular inspection and maintenance of lock gates and their associated operating mechanisms are fundamental, as otherwise very undesirable (socially) or dangerous situations can arise. As everything has been pre-measured and the gates have been custom built, the disruption of replacing the lock gates is minimalised. In addition, any defects and/or damage will have been identified during measuring. In this way, a decision can be made before implementation activities begin as to whether full or partial dewatering is required by means of a (maintenance) limpet dam. This (sustainable) approach not only prolongs the life of the lock but also takes long-term cost control into account.

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