Stinger Pioneering Spirit

Stinger Pioneering Spirit

The project

Allseas’  ‘Pioneering Spirit’, the world’s largest construction vessel (382 x 124 metres), was designed to dismantle old offshore oil and gas platforms, lay pipelines at great depths and install platforms. A vital component of this vessel is the Stinger, which is approximately 210 metres long. The Stinger, which consists of the stinger transition frame and three separate sections of roughly 50 metres apiece, plays a key role in the Pioneering Spirit’s operational capabilities. Iv played a major role in the design of this Stinger.

The challenge

The main challenge for Iv was to design a stinger that fulfilled the size and strength requirements while remaining operationally efficient in severe weather conditions. The complexity of the Stinger’s functions, such as supporting pipeline laying operations at great depths, required advanced engineering skills and innovative approaches.

The impact

With this design, Iv has helped to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of one of the most critical components of the world’s largest construction vessel. This design has improved the operational capabilities for dismantling offshore installations and laying pipelines. The Pioneering Spirit will continue to be a ground-breaking vessel in the offshore oil and gas industry.

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