Sustainable BBV Zeeland

Sustainable BBV

The project

ProRail aims to contribute to a sustainable society by making rail transport more attractive. This requires increased track capacity, which in turn requires in-depth track modifications, including upper building renovations (BBVs). BBVs involve the renewal of rails, sleepers and ballast at various locations. Iv plays an important role in this project, supporting ProRail and the contractors in preparing the necessary documents and plans, including implementation guidance.

The challenge

The biggest challenge for Iv in this project lies in the technical and sustainability aspects. The circular approach, especially in the West Brabant and Zeeland pilot, requires an innovative approach: reusing materials from previous BBVs without compromising safety and efficiency. This requires a thorough revision of the existing guidelines and close cooperation between all parties to meet ProRail’s sustainable ambitions. Striking a balance between meeting technical specifications and pursuing sustainability, which represents a significant deviation from standard practice, is a challenge.

The impact

The focus on reusing materials not only helps to reduce CO2 emissions but also paves the way for more sustainable rail infrastructure projects in the future. The project serves as an example of how circular principles can be applied in practice.

Sustainable BBV Zeeland

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