Tata Steel railway

Tata Steel Warmband train

The project

Tata Steel, the largest steel producer in the Netherlands, is on its way to producing green steel with Project HeraCless, which will involve many adjustments in dozens of processes and infrastructures. Tata Steel has more than 100 kilometres of railway. A redesign of the track layout is necessary to make adjustments on-site and optimise processes.

The challenge

The Tata Steel site is complex. With its various factories, installations, roads and other buildings, the site resembles an infrastructural puzzle where safety is paramount. In addition, the IJmuiden-based steelmaker also aims to reduce the impact on the surrounding area, for which adjustments to the railway were also undertaken. Iv had to combine all these interests in the final design.

The impact

By redesigning the track layout, large-scale adjustments can be made to the Tata Steel site, ultimately making it possible to produce steel more cleanly. There will also be less disruption to the surrounding area.

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