Tree recognition using artificial intelligence

The project

Trees are essential for heat-resilient cities. They store CO2, retain water when it rains hard and sewers become overwhelmed, and they also trap particulate matter. Iv uses the 3D scan car as one of its tools to advise managers on area maintenance and management. The 3D scan car has advanced equipment that maps the area safely, quickly and accurately. The scan car can also quickly gather information about the area’s trees.


Using TreeTracker’s specialised software, trees can be automatically detected in the point cloud (the scan car’s measurement data), including their exact location, height, trunk diameter and crown diameter. Thanks to mobile data and deep learning algorithms, this data is captured fully automatically, providing valuable insights into the environmental and economic value of trees.

The challenge

While digitalisation offers many opportunities, it also presents challenges in processing vast amounts of data and converting it efficiently into usable information. A day’s worth of scanning and photography can quickly produce more than two terabytes of raw data, which must then be processed to extract the desired information. Processing the raw data into a cleaned point cloud used to take at least four days. However, through clever automation and the use of artificial intelligence, this process can be significantly accelerated.

The impact

The 3D scan car quickly creates a highly accurate digital copy of reality. From the scan data (point cloud), 360° photos and HR photos, managers can easily retrieve relevant information for management and maintenance purposes. Through the use of smart automation and artificial intelligence, managers can make better decisions in the design and management of heat-resilient cities.

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