Green hydrogen is the future

The development of green hydrogen is in full swing. In the Netherlands alone, there are hundreds of pilot projects, FEED studies and small-scale projects for the production and transport of hydrogen. Larger hydrogen projects are also being launched. A major role in this development is reserved for engineers. And thus also for Iv. A hydrogen future requires an integral approach. Iv provides this approach with the highest quality and specialist expertise from a wide range of markets.

World premiere in green hydrogen production

On 7 May, Iv and its fourteen consortium partners celebrated a unique event: the onshore test of PosHYdon, the world’s first operational gas platform to integrate offshore wind, gas and hydrogen. First production from the existing Q13a-A platform of Neptune Energy (Eni) is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year, a world premiere. PosHYdon is an initiative of the national platform Nexstep and the TNO knowledge institute. Over the past few years, Iv, along with fourteen other partners, has focused on the development of this debut. Among other services, Iv provided the engineering and systems integration for the adaptations to the existing platform required for the production of hydrogen at sea. For this purpose, an electrolysis system that injects hydrogen into the existing gas export pipe will be installed.

In addition to PosHYdon, Iv is also a knowledge partner within the North Sea Energy programme, for which Iv has developed a 500 MW platform for green hydrogen as part of ‘Offshore Energy Hubs’.

Development across the board

Iv is constantly developing and aligning itself across the entire breadth of the organisation because it is certain that hydrogen will play a significant role. However, finding viable solutions for the safe and reliable production of green hydrogen is technically complex and requires highly specialised knowledge from various markets. Iv is pioneering in many areas and is, among other initiatives, working on technical solutions for the import of hydrogen carriers such as ammonia.

We can also provide hydrogen storage and infrastructure solutions for industry and the built environment, enabling the accessibility and availability of green hydrogen to a wider market (not only within the industrial sector but also for SMEs, the transport sector and eventually households).

Thanks to our diverse background and expertise in a broad range of markets, we are playing a key role in the transition to green hydrogen production. We provide technical designs and systems integration, but we also draw on our in-house expertise in water technology, safety, procurement services, and project management.

Modular design

It is not surprising that hydrogen has been on the political and business agenda for a long time, given its potential and impact on the world. Nor is it surprising that it needs time to gain a foothold. PosHYdon demonstrates the process on a small scale: a crucial step towards the eventual scale-up and commercialisation of green hydrogen production at sea.

Efficient transport is crucial for bringing green hydrogen to land and (small) industry. Iv is also actively involved in this aspect. Escher has developed a technology for the decentralised production of green hydrogen from ammonia. Ammonia is an excellent hydrogen carrier that can be produced anywhere worldwide by simply removing nitrogen from the air. Escher’s technology splits ammonia back into hydrogen and nitrogen to enable separation into almost pure hydrogen and nitrogen. This method of local hydrogen production requires only a fraction of the energy used by conventional local hydrogen production using electrolysis. The process is, therefore, much less demanding on the electricity grid.

Widely applicable

As outlined above, Iv is active in the field of hydrogen across the entire breadth of the organisation. It is not just about production and the logistical challenges. Opportunities for hydrogen are being explored within various chains. In the water field, for example, we are looking at what we can do with the oxygen released during electrolysis and its capture in the vicinity of water treatment plants. This oxygen can then be used to feed bacteria, which in turn can be used for the aeration of the water treatment system.

National Hydrogen Programme

Iv recognises the importance of green hydrogen in the energy transition and is closely following national developments within the National Hydrogen Programme and the Hydrogen Roadmap towards large-scale production, import, infrastructure and storage (at sea) of hydrogen in 2030. We also see an important role and responsibility for us as an engineering company to provide answers and workable solutions to the challenges that are part of this journey.

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