Detailed inspections on offshore platforms

The project

As part of the energy transition and sustainability goals set out in the Paris Climate Agreement, the use of fossil fuels will be increasingly phased out in the coming years. Many platforms are, therefore, on the list to be dismantled, which involves the removal of the entire infrastructure, topsides and jackets. By conducting detailed inspections of offshore platforms, it is possible to determine how they can be dismantled safely and efficiently. These inspections focus on assessing the current condition, calculating dimensions and weights, and determining the ‘centre of gravity’ of the topside and jacket.

The challenge

The main challenge of these inspections is to gather accurate and comprehensive information about the offshore platform. When the platforms were installed, their design did not take into account that the platform would need to be removed in the future. In addition, components may have been added or lifting points removed during service life. It is, therefore, essential to check that the reality matches the available drawings, reports, and photographs. This is often performed in difficult sea conditions and with limited access to the site. Inspection teams have to take into account the complex nature of offshore platforms, which often include various structural designs and components. An offshore platform can weigh up to 5,000 tonnes (which would require more than a thousand HGVs), yet Iv’s techniques and structures allow it to be transported in one piece.


The impact

By conducting detailed inspections, safe and efficient methods can be developed for dismantling offshore platforms. This helps to reduce safety risks to personnel and environmental impact. The inspections help to identify opportunities for reuse or recycling of materials.

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